duii attorney McMinnville Oregon

Any time a person is arrested, it's essential to consult an Attorney McMinnville Oregon residents trust. A single consultation may be enough to help a defendant resolve their legal issue.

Attorneys in McMinnville Can Arrange DUII Diversion for Many Clients

Just about everyone today understands that it is never a good idea to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Even so, some people in the area each year find themselves facing charges of driving while under the influence of intoxicants, or DUII. While a few who do so decide to simply plead guilty or to represent themselves at trial, by working with a duii attorney McMinnville Oregon residents can make a more appealing resolution of the matter more likely.

Local Attorneys Help Arrange Diversion for Many DUII Cases Each Year

The laws in Oregon regarding DUII are notably harsh and punitive. A third-time DUII conviction all but guarantees the permanent revocation of a driver's license and all the long-lasting trouble that having a felony on a person's record will cause.

While the penalties for first- and second-time offenders are less significant, none of them are to be shrugged off lightly. Fortunately, there is another option called diversion that is sometimes open to those with especially clean, trouble-free histories. In almost every case, an Attorney in McMinnville Oregon will be able to make it much more likely that this frequently appealing opportunity will be available. Some of the requirements associated with DUII diversion in general include:

15 years free of DUII convictions. The diversion system is meant to provide some leeway for those who have made a mistake that is especially unlikely to be repeated. Having been convicted of DUII in Oregon or another state within the last 15 years will normally disqualify someone from diversion entirely.

No record of other serious driving-related or violent offenses. Diversion program participants must likewise normally have not been convicted of any other serious driving-related charge in the last 15 years. Those who have been convicted of felony crimes of violence will normally be disqualified, as well.

Not a commercial driver. Professional drivers are held to higher standards than others and are expected to be even more obedient and cognizant of the law and all their responsibilities. As a result, Commercial Driver's License holders are normally not eligible for DUII diversion in Oregon, and neither are even those who drive professionally in any other capacity.

A Better Option for Many Facing DUII Charges

For those who do meet these requirements and the other relevant ones, DUII diversion can easily be worth pursuing. Having the assistance and representation of a lawyer will normally make it much easier to convince the court that diversion is merited in a particular case. While being accepted into diversion still comes with plenty of responsibilities, these will generally be preferable to the penalties that come from a conviction.